The Tenuta Montemaggiore Holding extends itself for an area of five hectares, located near Bologna city. In 2003, a antiquarian fell in love with the holding and purchased it with the intention to donate it to his two daughters, who then decided to live there. During all these years, the owners, inspired by their love for nature and their commitment to social projects, have nourished the desire to start a new and dynamic project involving the Tenuta. At first the Tenuta Montemaggiore consisted of the manor, the barn and the farmer’s house, and the caretaker’s house located at the main gates. The renovations of the barn, the farmer’s house and the park began in 2013. The renovation process involved the recovery of the building and a special attention to the eco-sustainability. The restoration project aimed at a zero-impact result, that was possible thanks to the installation of air-conditioners that employ renewable energy sources through photovoltaic systems. Furthermore, the heating system is fueled by olive pomace and wooden biomass, deriving from the pruning of the trees of the Tenuta, and rainharvesting and phytoremediation are practiced. Thanks to the adopted measures, the Tenuta Montemaggiore can guarantee a Green Life-style.