The idea of creating a social project within the farm holding derived from our strong desire to add a social purpose to our business. That’s the reason why the Tenuta Montemaggiore Farm Holding and FutureLab Sociale were created. The Tenuta Montemaggiore Farm Holding is a commercial mixed-use farm, while the FutureLab Sociale is a community hub, enriched by different projects, activities and people. Both projects involve young people from different communities and socially disadvantaged people: financial gains are not our sole concern, we also aim to obtain a social impact in order to promote the welfare of the territory where we operate. On our work space we are inspired by the zero impact philosophy. Once through the impressive iron gate of the Tenuta Montemaggiore, visitors immerse themselves in a lost paradise and feel like explorers of an unique world. The Villa De-Ram (its name derives from the family name of the ancient owners), with its architecture, typical of the Bologna area of the end of the XIXth century, is located within the boundaries of the Tenuta Montemaggiore. This villa is characterized by a winter patio with an amazing view on the centuries-old park. The Giardino dei Sapori is located within the boundaries of the Tenuta Montemaggiore. The Giardino dei Sapori is an aesthetic vegetable garden that combines the seasonal vegetable growing with a creative space where guests can relax and taste amazing food during exhibitions and other events. The Giardino dei Sapori is surrounded by hedges and leylandii that recall the typical French style of the XIXth century. The vegetable garden and the bushes of mixed berries are not treated with chemical fertilisers: they are grown in a natural way, thanks to the caring hands of the owners.